Four Benefits Of Moving To A Skilled Nursing Home After Hip Surgery


You may not realize this, but there are actually different types of nursing homes. The bedridden and infirm are often permanent residents in a full-assist nursing facility, where you may have multiple skill levels when it comes to the nursing staff. Skilled nursing homes, on the other hand, have staff that are not only fully trained and fully licensed, but they are also highly experienced. Here are three benefits of choosing a skilled nursing home over the others after you have had hip surgery.

15 September 2017

Is Dad's Parkinson's Getting Worse? 3 Ways To Decide If He's Ready For Assisted Care


Parkinson's disease involves a slow progression of symptoms that eventually culminates in a need for additional care. While your dad might have been fine at home for many years, there does eventually come a time when most seniors with Parkinson's need help with their daily routine. Naturally, this isn't an easy decision, and it is important to involve your father in conversations about assisted living as much as possible. As you review his current care plan, consider these signs that he might be ready for senior assisted care.

14 September 2017