Why Your Senior Family Member Needs To Start Walking More


Assisted living services can help seniors thrive and get through their day-to-day lives. Activities that were previously very difficult, such as doing laundry and cooking meals, can be handled by a professional. However, that doesn't mean that you want your senior family member to be sitting around all the time. Walking can help prevent frailty in seniors.

The Dangers of Sitting

Your senior might reduce his or her physical activities to avoid the risk of falling and suffering an injury. He or she might spend all day sitting in a chair watching television. However, this lifestyle will only cause your senior's body to weaken and become more prone to injuries. By walking more, your senior will cultivate more strength and balance.

Even when a senior has lived a sedentary lifestyle for a long time, it's surprising how much he or she can walk in a day when working up to it. When he or she participates in classes designed to teach healthy living, it's even easier for your senior to cultivate a healthier lifestyle and become less frail. The best way for your senior to start walking again is to have him or her participate in a program that is designed to help build up the number of hours that the senior walks everyday.

Taking Classes

If your senior is hesitant to go out, try to look for activities that he or she will enjoy that will get him or her out of the house. For example, look for classes that your senior can enroll in, such as an art class. Painting classes are a great way for a senior to express his or her emotions. 

Exploring Nature

If your senior is more interested in nature, look for great places where he or she can go on a nature walk or where he or she can go bird watching. Make sure to have the car nearby and bring everything that your senior will need to be comfortable, including drinks and adequate sun screen. Make sure to find a location that has a smooth path so that your senior won't trip.

Listening to Music

If your senior loves music, find out if there are any concerts, such as an orchestra. There are some musical events that encourage seniors to participate by singing along and by performing karaoke. Choose outdoor events that will give your senior an opportunity to walk around while listening to music.

For more ideas, talk with your family member's assisted living center to see what programs and activities they offer. 


22 October 2018

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