Fell Down And Hurt Your Back? How Orthopedic Rehab Can Help You


If you fell down and hurt your back, you know how painful this can be. Once the doctor determines nothing is broken, they will suggest that you do orthopedic rehab. This type of rehab helps with problems with the musculoskeletal system, including muscles, tendons, cartilage, joints, ligaments, and bones.  Below is information on how orthopedic rehab can help you so you will understand this before your first appointment.

Heat and Ice

A physical therapist may use heat and ice to help with your pain. The heat will help relax your back muscles and ice numbs and reduces inflammation. This is known as temperature therapy and is used in conjunction with other types of physical therapy.

The heat and ice are used intermittently throughout the visit. Your therapist may do the temperature therapy when you first arrive, or they may choose to use it once the physical therapy session is over. This is because you may be sore after your appointment.


The physical therapist may also use a TENS unit. This involves placing electrodes on your back. The electrodes are small and sticky, and they have wires connected to them. The other end of the wire connects to the TENS unit, which is operated via batteries. Once the electrodes are attached, the physical therapy will turn the TENS unit on, and a current is sent through the wires. Using a TENS unit can help with pain as it stimulates your back's sensory nerves.

This is not painful, and you will only feel a slight tingling sensation on your skin. The physical therapist can change the frequency of the current, depending on how much pain you are in.


Iontophoresis is a treatment that delivers medication directly to the painful areas of the body. This treatment uses electrical stimulation to allow the medication to go through your skin directly to your injured back muscles.

Medicine is placed inside an electrode pad, generally using a syringe. The electrode pad is then placed on the affected area. As with the TENS unit, wires are attached to the pad. The other end of the wire is connected to a generator. When the generator is turned on, the medicine on the electropad will immediately go directly into the injured muscle your physical therapist will work with your doctor in order to perform this treatment. Your doctor may also want this treatment done in their office.

Visit an orthopedic rehab and ask about these and other types of treatments they can offer you.


25 June 2019

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