3 Choices You'll Need To Make When Choosing An In-Home Stair Lift


If you're like many people, you have a sentimental attachment to your home. Your home is where you've made many happy memories over the years, and you don't want to move out. Unfortunately, as you get older, mobility can become a concern. If you live in a house with stairs that you're having difficulty climbing, don't worry. An in-home stair lift can give you the assistance you need to get safely and comfortably up the stairs. Here are three choices you'll need to make when picking your new stair lift.

1. Decide if you need an outdoor stair lift

Depending on the location of the stairs at your house, you will need a different type of stair lift. According to the Huffington Post, stair lifts built to be used outdoors have been weatherproofed to resist the elements. They have waterproof covers to protect the seat cushions from being damaged by rain, and the footrest is treated with a non-slip surface to keep you safe even in inclement weather.

2. Choose between curved or straight stair lifts

The architecture of your house will help you determine the kind of stair lift to buy. Straight stair lifts are more inexpensive, starting at around $3,000. These lifts are suitable for homes with simple staircases without landings. If your staircase contains one or more landings or if it contains unusual architecture, you will need a curved stair lift. Curved stair lifts are more expensive, but they're able to be fitted to almost any type of staircase imaginable.

3. Ask yourself if you need a sitting or standing stair lift

Based on the type of mobility challenge you face, you will need to purchase either a sitting or standing stair lift. Most people are familiar with sitting stair lifts, in which a person sits in a chair that is then mechanically taken up the stairs. Unfortunately, this type of stair lift can be uncomfortable or even painful for people with arthritis that keeps them from bending their knees. If you have trouble bending or standing up from a seated position, you should purchase a standing stair lift. These lifts feature a seat which you can gently rest against while still maintaining an upright posture. They also feature handles for additional safety.

In-home stair lifts are excellent mobility devices that can help you get around your house. There's no reason you should have to give up your home just because you're having trouble climbing the stairs. This quick guide can help you decide which stair lift is right for your needs.


9 December 2018

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