Relocating To An Assisted Living Facility? Here's Why Its Location Is Crucial


For some, making the decision to move into an assisted living facility can be difficult. It might feel like you're giving up your independence, but such a facility is intended to allow you to keep your independence—and relocating simply acknowledges that you might need some assistance to maintain that independence. Choosing the best facility to meet your needs can be a complicated process. Part of that choice can be finding a facility in a location that meets your needs.


The smoothest transition may be a local one. Start your search by checking out the nearest facilities to your current home. You already know the neighborhood, what's offered in the area in terms of retail and recreation, and it allows you to maintain your existing social commitments. A local assisted living facility can also make it easier for friends and family to visit.

Closer to Family

Your adult children may not live in the same part of the country as you. As such, you might want to move closer to them. If you won't have access to a car, be sure to check the availability of public transport in the area, allowing you to be mobile, while also making it more straightforward to spend time with your children and any grandchildren.

Urban to Rural

You might find the idea of a rural relocation to be appealing, if simply for the change of environment and a more relaxed pace of life. Space is a more valuable commodity in urban settings, and you might find that you get more space for your money in a location that's not quite as central. Again, if you don't have a car, be sure that there's adequate public transport in the area. You might want to consider a facility in a satellite town—one that's within easy reach of a larger town or city (which may even be your current town or city). 

Complementary Service Providers

The suitability of an assisted living facility's location can be strengthened by its proximity to other services you may need. If you should have any existing health concerns, which may become more serious as the years go by, you should consider the closest hospitals and healthcare facilities to your potential new home. This helps to ensure that your prospective assisted living facility meets your current needs while also being close to service providers who you may need in the future.

Of course, location isn't everything. Your budget, the amenities, and the level of care you need will also be factors. However, the location of your new home should also be a priority, as it makes the transition into assisted living far more straightforward.

For more information about transitioning to an assisted living facility, contact a local business.


28 June 2022

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