Moving Your Aging Family Member To Assisted Living? 4 Tips To Consider


With age, your cherished family member might require constant care and assistance. That said, you can transition them into assisted living to enjoy these services as you focus on providing for them. In most cases, this step is necessary when an aging family member requires round-the-clock care that you cannot provide. 

That said, it is not always easy to convince a family member that they can no longer care for themselves. In most cases, you may face resistance as no one wants to move away from the comfort of their home. If this is the case, here are tips you can use to prepare them for the move.

Visit The Facility Regularly

For starters, you might want to visit the facility regularly to determine whether it is the best choice. More importantly, ensure your aging family member comes along to feel involved. Ideally, these visits can be an excellent way to get to know other residents and staff. Also, encourage them to ask questions for clarification to help them see that the facility only intends to meet their needs.

Engage Them During The Move

Once you determine the facility is right for them, keep your parent involved in the process. For instance, they can decide what items to carry to the new place. Also, allow them to choose the clothing they want to take to the facility. You should also know that allowing them to choose the ideal places to place furniture and other items can make them create a homely feeling. More so, they will feel empowered and in control of their environment. This way, the transition process will be easier.

Pack Essential Items

Days before the transition, you will need to pack essential items for your cherished family member. These things can include bedding, medication, toiletries, and clothes. Sometimes, you might need to carry less bulky furniture to create a familiar space. Also, don't forget to pack some family photos that will remind them of pleasant memories.

Allow Time for Emotions

It is never easy when those you love relocate to a new area. As such, you should expect a shift into assisted living to be emotional for everyone involved. The good news is you can manage anxiety and stress by talking as a family. More importantly, you must encourage your cherished family member that you will keep visiting them in the facility. Also, you can inform them how they can make new friends within the community. In most cases, talking through such things and giving time to embrace the new changes can make the transition bearable.

As you can see, transitioning into a care facility is never easy and can feel overpowering. That said, you can use the above tips to make the process successful. That way, your aging parent can get the care they need around the clock.

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24 October 2022

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