Dementia Care: 4 Activities Your Loved One With Dementia Could Participate In


Dementia has often been associated with a reduced quality of life. With no kids in the nest and a smaller social circle, many seniors with dementia need support to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. People with dementia often forget to attend to themselves and slowly lose their sense of independence. This could be why most people take their loved ones to a dementia care center. Are you wondering how these care centers can help your aging parents improve their mental condition? Below are some activities they engage in while living at the facility. 

1. Handling Simple Chores   

Assisted living facilities take a huge burden from their clients' shoulders. You can count on the staff to ensure dementia patients are well cared for. However, they leave a few chores to handle and remain active. 

Seniors with dementia can engage in various hobbies to stay active. They can also take showers, brush their teeth, pick outfits, and take care of their hair. Sometimes they can join the chef and prepare their favorite meals under supervision. These small house chores help stimulate their physical and mental states. Your parent might feel they have regained some sense of independence. 

2. Mentally-Stimulating Activities 

As your loved one's social circle becomes smaller, they get bored and isolated. This often leads to agitation, paranoia, and depression. These detrimental behaviors can cause further deterioration of their memory and mental capabilities. Dementia care centers provide a platform for tenants to interact with peers and participate in relevant games. Your dementia patient might engage in mentally-stimulating games like chess, puzzles, and crosswords. You can also encourage them to read books and have meaningful conversations. These activities will help them feel productive and prevent the problem from worsening. 

3. Music Therapy 

Slowing the progression of dementia doesn't only entail learning new things. Sometimes walking down memory lane through music therapy can help stimulate the brain. Music also enhances mood and the personal well-being of an individual. Some dementia centers provide music therapy as part of their programs. You can also join your parent for various sessions, especially if you know what they love listening to. You can also bring them their favorite albums to listen to during their free time. 

4. Physical Exercises 

Senior adults need regular physical stimulation. However, workouts must be well-calculated to prevent injuries. Great physical health can also help improve mental strength. Your parent's fitness routines, like aerobics, swimming, walking, and yoga, may help them feel good about themselves. They are also likely to start working on their mental strength, slowly reducing the progression of dementia. 

Memory care is certainly one of the main reasons most families enroll their loved ones in dementia care centers. These helpful activities can improve the quality of life of your loved one and reduce the impact of this mental health problem. Therefore, if your aging parents need memory care, consider enrolling in a reliable dementia care center.


20 September 2022

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