3 Ways To Help With The Transition To Assisted Living


With an assisted living facility, your loved one will move into a room or apartment that allows them to still have their own space.

The difference is that instead of being on their own, there will be caregivers on-site who can help your loved one out. With an assisted living facility, that help can come in many ways. It can come as help managing medication, assistance with preparing meals, or help with bathing.

#1: Start With the Right Community

First, you will want to look for the right community for your loved one to move into. That means you will want to research communities and consider their social environment, dining, amenities, and community feeling. You are going to want to help your loved one find a community that fits with their interest. You are also going to want to find a community where the staff is attentive and friendly and things look and feel clean.

Finding the right community, one where your loved one feels secure, can make a really big difference in your loved one's comfort with moving from their home to the assisted living community. It is easier to move when you like where you are moving to.

#2: Arrange Visits Ahead of Time

Second, you can help your loved one feel more comfortable with the move by arranging a couple of visits beforehand. This will allow you to verify that you selected the right community and will allow your loved one to ensure that it is a good fit. You could visit and take part in a meal or visit during a community social event. Go a few times where your loved one will get to interact with other residents so they can see if it is their style. Making a friend before they move can also make having to move easier to handle.

#3: Help Pack Smartly

Third, moving into an assisted living facility means packing up your loved one's home. That is going to require a lot of downsizing.

When it comes to moving into an assisted living facility, first, you will want to help your loved ones choose the clothing they want to take with them and the bedding. Then, they are going to need to choose the furniture they want. The space will be small, like a one-bedroom apartment, so they will only be able to take smaller items with them. You are going to want to help them pick out a few decorations or memorabilia as well.

When it comes to moving your loved one into an assisted living community, take the time to look around and find one that fits your loved one's needs and personality. Arrange visits so your loved one can become comfortable with the community and help them downsize and pack things up for the big moving day.


16 June 2021

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