2 Essentials To Consider For Your Parent's Assisted Living Facility


Age is a part of life. It is not something you can avoid, but it is something you can plan for. In most cases, you will become responsible for one or both parents as they age. Therefore, you want to ensure they are cared for in a safe and loving manner. Assisted living communities, designed for seniors, are excellent options for your parent's wellness as well as your peace of mind. When searching through the different facilities, you may become overwhelmed. Thankfully, this guide can help. Here are a few essentials your parent's senior facility should offer.


Most men and women who are 75 years of age or older are not physically active. This decreased activity may be due to pain and immobility that is common in the elderly. Unfortunately, the less physical activity a senior citizen gets, the less active and mobile they will be as they progress in age.

If you are considering a facility, make sure they offer numerous activities that will help your parent get or stay active. Exercise classes should not be the only option. Excellent facilities will offer a variety of programs that may include swimming, sports, dance, bowling, golf, hiking, and even creative activities, such as gardening or pottery.

Exercise and staying active will maintain or improve your parent's bones, muscles, and cardiovascular health. In addition, being active will benefit your parent's emotional health.


Moving from their own residence to an assisted living facility can be emotionally overwhelming for your parent. They may struggle with the thought of living amongst others that are not family while feeling out of place in an environment that does not consist of their own personal furnishings and belongings. Fortunately, you can help your parent feel more comfortable with choosing a facility that gives them some independence.

Depending on your parent's health and specific needs, they may be able to stay in an assisted living community that allows them to explore the grounds on their own. A community that allows your parent to come and go as they please is also an option to consider.

If your parent does require care and living assistance that is more involved, consider a facility that at least offers private bathrooms. This gives your parent the option of dressing, grooming, and bathing on their own. They will still have the option of calling for assistance if they decide help is necessary.

Your elderly parent's health and wellness are imperative factors to consider. It is best to work with your parent and their medical professionals to determine which options are right. 


15 June 2018

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