5 Ways To Make Sure Your Aging Parents Home Is Safe


As your parent's age, their physical needs and ability change. With these changes to their physical needs, their environment also needs to change and adjust. Regardless of where your parents live – on their own, with you, or in a senior care facility – you need to make sure their space is safe for them.

1. Install Zero-Threshold Entry Ways

First, you are going to want to make sure that all of the entry ways of the home are accessible. The little edges on an entry way can make access more difficult if your parents need to use a wheelchair or walker. Little lips and edges on entryways can also make it easier to one to trip and fall, especially when carrying something such as groceries into the home. Switch out the entryways in all of your parent's home so that they are no threshold that will block, prevent, or trip your parents.

2. Lower Controls

Second, you may need to lower the controls in your parent's house, especially if they need to use a wheelchair to get around. Having controls that are lower will make it easier for your parents to turn the lights on and off no matter how your parents get around.

3. Be Careful with Cords

Third, be careful with cords. If your parents need to use a cane or walked to get around, cords can easily trip them up. Make sure that no cords are running across hallways or walkways. Secure all cords with zip cords to keep them together and out of the way. You can also pin and secure cords to the wall or furniture.

4. Add Grab Bars to the Bathroom

Fourth, add some grab bars to the bathroom area. You are going to want to add grab bars next to the toilet to make it easier for your parents to get on and off the toilet. Next, you are going to want to add grab bars to the shower and tub as well. Grab bars can help keep your parents stable and give them something to hold onto when they are in the restroom. This can be a vulnerable space for people as they age, and should be one of the first places that you update.

5. Change Out Doorknobs

Fifth, circular doorknobs can be tough to use as hand dexterity changes. Change out any circular doorknobs or other handle that are hard to use. Lever handles are often easier for your parents to use as their hand dexterity changes.

Small changes to your parents' home can make their home easier and safer to use as they age. Install zero-threshold entry ways, lower switches, secure cords, add grab bars and change out doorknobs to make your parent's home more accessible with their changing physical needs.


7 April 2018

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