A Well-Rounded Approach To Alzheimer's Care


Once Alzheimer's develops in a parent, you may be looking at ways to keep them safe and healthy. There are plenty of ways to manage this condition so that your parent's life quality can be preserved. 

Getting the Right Nutrition

Certain nutrients have a great effect for people who have a cognitive disease like Alzheimer's. Make sure your loved one can get their share of nutrients like Vitamin D3 and DHA. Specific herbal complexes, like gingko bilboa, can have benefits for staving off memory loss. Looking at the symptoms your loved one struggles with most will help you come up with a diet that is appropriate. 

Get Memory Care

A nursing home or assisted living facility with memory care will be helpful. These facilities will have specific doctors who are used to treating patients with memory loss and other cognitive symptoms. That means the medical staff will know how to monitor memory and cognitive loss as well as recommend treatments and activities to preserve memory. Things like having a staff who is patient enough to work with residents who have some memory loss is critical. These staff will be able to provide the custodial care and diligence that is needed to make sure these individuals take care of themselves. 

Opt for More Monitoring

It's best when adults with Alzheimer's have 24/7 monitoring. That doesn't mean they need to lose all of their sense of independence. In many assisted living communities, residents still have a lot of choice over their daily activities. However, the staff is there to monitor changes in behavior or mood. They will also make sure the person has enough food and meals and is bathing properly. Monitoring subtle changes is one key to good Alzheimer's care, as it will tell you when your parent has hit a tipping point and needs more intensive health care. 

Keep Your Parent Active

Another way assisted living facilities are helpful is that they keep a parent active, mentally and socially. Having these real-world connections and opportunities to stretch one's brain is critical to warding off cognitive decline. When your loved one has some intellectual challenge, it's like working a muscle; the "mental" muscle has to stay strong and isn't given as many opportunities to degenerate.

Emotional Wellbeing

As far as a well-rounded treatment plan for cognitive disease goes, emotion and its effects on the body must be considered. Before committing your loved one to any treatment, make sure that they feel comfortable with their new situation and are able to bond with you and the assisted living staff who will be helping keep them safe. 

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22 September 2017

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